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Trading Standards newsletter no. 6: includes list of latest product recalls and safety warnings, information on cold callers, dealing with nuisance phone calls and the new members to the Trading Standards approved list.

Latest Citizens Advice Bureau advice columns:

Citizens Advice Bureau regularly produces useful advice columns on a variety of topics and as we receive them they will be displayed on this page.  Details of the online courses that Northampton CAB runs and their opening hours can be viewed here.

  • Are you up to date with the new welfare reform changes that have recently started? Do you know of anyone they may affect? If you would like to know more, CAB has produced a useful Welfare Benefit Changes summary.
  • Top tips to avoid online scams: Online scams are schemes to con you out of your money using your computer and the internet, either through fake websites or emails. Although there are many ways scammers can get into your computer to steal your money and identity, there are ways you can protect yourself. (Added 10/6/13).
  • If you are worried about what may be in the meat products you buy, then check out CAB’s Adviceguide page on mislabelled meat products.
  • credit card logosWhat is a payment surcharge? It is when a trader charges you for making a payment and from 6th April 2013 the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012 say that traders mustn’t charge you more than it costs them to process the payment. Find out how to avoid expensive surcharges
  • Get up to date with the latest changes to the MOT test.
  • Royal Mail changesFind out about the changes to Royal Mail parcel delivery service, which came into force from 2nd April 2013. Royal Mail is also making changes to the amount of compensation you will get when things go wrong.
  •  If you are looking for love online, beware. Dating sites may hook you in with frheart with loveee offers then sign you up on a trial basis, only for you to later find your membership is extended, as you didn’t cancel it. Before you sign up to anything, make sure you know what you are getting into with CAB’s advice sheet about dating site pitfalls

  • Do you have problems with debt and would like to speak to someone face to face about it? If so, this Get help for debt problems advice sheet gives details of the organisations who can help. Know your rights with debt collectors if you are being chased for money that you don’t think you owe.

  • If you would like to know more about your rights when returning sales items, this returning sales items advice sheet should provide all the information you require. It also covers what traders should let you know about sales goods. 
  • Do you know what your rights are if you decide you want to cancel your gym membership? How are your consumer rights affected if you have bought goods from a shop that has gone bust? If you would like to know then read this.
  • CAB has recently issued some additional advice columns covering: job seeker sanctions, which explains the tough new sanctions brought in whereby you can lose Job Seekers Allowance for between 4 weeks and up to 3 years if you don’t do certain things Job Centre Plus asked you to do.
  • If you are female, make sure you know about the recent Changes to insurance premiums rules. These new rules came into force on 21 December 2012 that mean insurers can no longer offer different premiums based on gender. This means that women, who are currently offered lower car insurance rates because they have fewer accidents, may see their insurance costs rise.

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