Rural Proofing for Health Toolkit: The aim of this 2012 toolkit is to assist the commissioners of healthcare (CCGs) to think, in practical terms, about the impact of rural proofingrurality and to assess the potential gains and pitfalls when commissioning healthcare provision for rural communities. It is also intended the toolkit will have a wider application e.g. for the users of  rural health services and policy makers. Click on the diagram to find out more.

The Green Space Toolkit: developed by Northamptonshire ACRE, in partnership with green spaceThe River Nene Regional Park (RNRP). For communities to use when identifying and planning a Green Space project and applying for funding. For further information about the toolkit or to obtain a copy please contact Northamptonshire ACRE below. The cost of the toolkit is £15 or £12 for NACRE members.

Transport Self-help toolkit: This Self-help Kit from Hants County Council, is designed to trains planes & other transporthelp organisations to design, commission and provide transport services which meet the needs of their local community. It covers establishing your transport needs, choosing the right solution and advice on running your own scheme. A really useful toolkit.

Rural Proofing ToolkitThis toolkit from Defra’s Rural Communities Policy Unit is part of their rural proofing guidance materials. It provides advices, guidance and support to policy officials across all aspects of government and requires them to consider the rural impacts of their policies and programmes and where necessary, to make adjustments to achieve equally effective and successful outcomes for individuals, communities and businesses in rural areas. It is also useful for communities who want to ensure their council is meeting their obligations with their policies.

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