Community Led Planning packages

Introduction to Community Led Planning:

For those communities considering starting a Parish Plan, Village Design Statement or a Neighbourhood Plan, we offer a useful one-off ‘Introduction to CLP’. This is a presentation to the parish or community, up to two hours in length. The cost to Northamptonshire ACRE members for this service is £30 plus expenses for up to 2 hours and for non-members is £60 plus expenses for up to 2 hours and it covers the following:

  • What is Community Led Planning?
  • The different types of CLP:

– Parish plans, Village Design Statements and Neighbourhood Plans comparison

– Which is the most appropriate for your community?

  • The benefits, potential issues and actions that might arise from your chosen plan
  • Community plans and the CLP LEAD process
  • The first three steps in the LEAD process:

– Step 1 Getting started – launching your plan, advice on involvements

– Step 2 Establishing a steering group  – advice on constitution, roles and responsibilities, Terms of reference, budgets, Governance and bank accounts

– Step 3 Planning and taking stock – advice on project plan composition, community asset and profile stocktaking, funding review

  • Suggestions for Step 4 Community Consultation – using Egan’s Wheel, TOR for working groups, getting engagement from your community, ACRE free information and topic sheets
  • Demonstration of ACRE/OCSI parish plan report for your community

As part of this package, communities are provided with the following documents for use in developing a community plan:

  • Model Terms of Reference for steering group
  •  Model Terms of Reference for  working groups
  •  Model constitution documents for Steering Group
  •  Suggested Steering Group roles
  •  Key contact list

A copy of the Northamptonshire ACRE Powerpoint presentation is also provided. 

Northamptonshire ACRE members receive a substantial discount on the cost of the CLP introduction.  To discuss booking a presentation and details of the cost, please contact Elaine O’Leary on 01604 825890 or email

CLP Full Package of Services

It is possible to purchase the full Community Led Planning package as described in the attached document.  This covers all the parts of the ACRE toolkit, shows the assistance offered by the Rural Officer and the resources that are provided to a community using this package. It is also possible to purchase individual stages of the CLP package where required, as shown in the document. 

Northamptonshire ACRE members receive a substantial discount on the cost of the full CLP package and on the various stages within it if they are purchased separately. For more information about the CLP package or to discuss purchasing all or part of this, please contact Elaine O’Leary on 01604 825890 or email:

Other CLP services

  • If you have not purchased one of the above Community Led Planning packages, our Rural Officers are still available to attend any parish or planning meeting to discuss issues or queries you may have around commuity led planning. For members who would like a Rural Officer to attend a meeting, there is a charge of £20 per hour plus expenses and £35 per hour, plus expenses, for non members. Please contact if you would like to book an officer to attend a meeting.
  • If you are a Parish Council member of Northamptonshire ACRE, as part of your membership fee, we offer you telephone and email support for up to 5 hours per year (any additional hours will be charged at £15 per hour). If you are not a member you can receive 10 minutes free support and then £30 per hour thereafter. 
  • Support can be provided in the following areas:
    • Community Led Plans and issues arising there from
    • Funding and Grant applications
    • Help with community consultation and engagement

For more information abut the benefits of being a Northamptonshire ACRE Parish Council member, please go to our Parish Council Membership page.

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