Evidencing Rural Need – OCSI Parish Profiles

Parish Profiles based on the 2011 Census DataAcreMember

 Evidencing Rural Need  is a project that national ACRE developed in partnership with the Rural Community Council members and the consultancy group OCSI (Oxford Consultants for Social InOCSiclusion). The aim of this project is to show the socio-economic picture of rural England, including its areas of deprivation, economy and access to services. To support these, there are 7 types of reports available. One of the key reports, most relevant to a rural community is a Parish Profile. There is a Profile on every parish in England.  

These profiles are particularly relevant for communities wishing to carry out community led planning or a neighbourhood plan. They give quantitative and comparative evidence for the parish and the data in the latest versions is based on the 2011 census.

 Each profile is broken down into eight themes:

  •  Social and cultural
  •  Equity and prosperity
  •  Economy
  •  Housing and the built environment
  •  Transport and connectivity
  •  Services
  •  Environmental
  •  Governance

With detailed datasets below each theme. The data can help users to discuss what is relevant to their community and decide the actions and activities to prioritise locally. To see what type of information your Parish Profile would contain, there is an example at: http://www.rural-evidence.org.uk/pages/example-reports/ There are also links to  examples of the 6 other report types produced by OCSI for ACRE.

The cost of a Parish Profile for a parish in the county, is £65 for Northamptonshire ACRE members and £85 for non-members.  If you interested in purchasing the Profile for your particular parish, please contact elaine.oleary@northantsacre.org.uk or tel. 01604 825890.

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