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olive-logoOlive is our new online oil ordering system that is used by customers of our Bulk Oil Buying scheme. We have been working with a company called eSmartMetrics to implement their online system, olive. Another Rural Community Council, Rural Action Derbyshire has been running the olive system for quite a while and are so pleased with what it has delivered and how it has helped them to grow their membership, that on their recommendation we decided to go with the same system from the 1st August 2016.

Our Olive oil scheme leaflet will give  you more information.

To use the system you need to register at: https://nacre.myolive.co.uk/registration/register

  • Once you are registered you need to record your payment method – either debit or credit card (there is a 2% charge for using credit cards unfortunately which goes to the card issuing company) or you can set up a direct debit payment.
  • You will see in the main menu an option showing all of the oil ordering deadlines.
  • You can place your order for oil at any time and it will be picked up in the next deadline.
  • After midday on the deadline date, eSmartMetrics collate all the oil orders, negotiate with the oil suppliers for the best price, send you an automated email with the details of the price per litre and the total cost for your order.
  • After 24 hours, if you haven’t cancelled the order they will take payment for your order automatically, place the full order with the suppliers and make the payment at the same time. This means you don’t need to pay the oil company directly anymore, which quite a few of our members used to find a hassle.
  • The oil is usually delivered within 10 working days from placement of the order.

There is no longer a membership fee to join our scheme. Instead a small levy of 1p per litre is added to the cost of the oil but rest assured, you will still get fantastic value and cheaper oil. Our FAQs will give you more details plus eSmartMetrics’ privacy policy and the terms and conditions for use of the olive scheme.

And if you want to ensure you never run out of oil, why not consider one of our olive’s smart meters. We have a special offer on olive smart meters for NACRE members!


“We are really enjoying using this, quite amazing how much it cost us each day and we are not even in wintertime just now.”

“The new oil ordering system via Olive is a great improvement. Together with the Olive monitoring system installed, I really feel I have a lot more information about my usage. The ordering system is very easy to use and all the guess work is removed with how much to order. Thank you for introducing this great new service.”

“I have already found the technology useful. Firstly, it is useful to see how what the weekly usage of oil is, and compare it with outside temperatures.  As I have photovoltaic panels I am now able to channel any spare electricity to an immersion heater in the thermal store and turn the oil boiler off. It will be interesting for me to see what savings I manage to achieve.”

I am very pleased with the monitoring and the ease with which I ordered my first oil delivery. I am most grateful to you and Olive for implementing this system.

“I am very pleased with the monitoring and the ease with which I ordered my first oil delivery. I am most grateful to you and Northants ACRE for implementing this system.”


Many people in rural areas are without mains gas and are therefore reliant on oil. Most individual orders are small, and are consequently at the mercy of high pricing by the oil companies. We know from our OCSI Parish Profiles that fuel poverty is higher amongst those in rural areas in the county and those reliant on oil. Our Bulk Oil Buying scheme plays an important part in fulfilling our key objective of working to improve the quality of life for rural communities in Northamptonshire.

The scheme aims to save members money by bringing people together to make the most of their collective buying power. Bgas ringy so doing we can reduce the price of oil and pass on the savings to members of the scheme as well as help cut down the number of tanker visits to a village, thereby benefiting the environment . The scheme is open to households, businesses and community organisations that use oil to heat their homes and premises.

The Northamptonshire ACRE Bulk Oil Buying Scheme was launched in October 2011.  Since oil tankerthen the number of members has reached just over 200, and is steadily growing. During this time, over 1.7 million litres of domestic heating oil have been delivered. Our members have saved a total of over £198,000 so far against the highest prices quoted and just over £80,500 against the average. Click here for saving information.


Yes. We don’t know exactly how many but there are some communities who have been doing this locally for some while. We have no wish to take any schemes over – but if that local purchasing power can be scaled up to something much bigger, then everyone will benefit. And for communities who don’t yet have a local scheme, this provides an easy way for you to get one, with very little work.


If you think the scheme could be of interest to you or your community, get in touch with us on 01604 765888 or email: oil@northantsacre.org.uk. Alternatively you can register directly on Olive here. You can download the Olive  FAQ document here and the Olive oil scheme leaflet here.

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