Olive smart meter special offer

Olive Special Offer – Designed to help ensure you never run out of oil

As parsmart-meter-image-1t of our commitment to developing our services to members, NACRE has negotiated a special offer with its partner olive to offer its new Smart Meters to Oil Buying Scheme Members at a special price and with NO ongoing fees.

Available now to buy through your NACRE online account olive’s Smart Meters really are very smart.  Not only can they tell you, in litres, how much oil you have in your oil tank, but they can also:

  • Tell you how much oil you are using & the cost
  • Tell you how many days oil you have left in your tank
  • Email you when your tank is at 30 or 40% capacity to remind you to order some more
  • Automatically order your chosen quantity of oil with NACRE when your tank reaches a level you choose

Designed to help ensure you never run out of oil and let you manage your oil supply online, the olive Smart Meters work with your existing NACRE/olive online login.monitoring-your-oil-screenshot

Just fit the olive sensor to the oil tank and connect the olive Hub in your home to your broadband router and off you go.  You simply login to your account on the NACRE/olive website (where you already have your username and password to order oil) and you will be able to access all this information.

NACRE offer

This offer is open to NACRE oil buying members for any olive Smart Meter purchase made through their online account.

To take advantage of this special members offer simply login to your NACRE online account and click on the Buy a Smart Meter button at the top of the page.

Available to members through their NACRE online account for only £99.00, plus delivery, this will include a £10.00 voucher off your next oil purchase!

olive user feedback;

“We are really enjoying using this, quite amazing how much it cost us each day and we are not even in wintertime just now.”

“The new oil ordering system via Olive is a great improvement. Together with the Olive monitoring system installed, I really feel I have a lot more information about my usage. The ordering system is very easy to use and all the guess work is removed with how much to order. Thank you for introducing this great new service.”

“I have already found the technology useful. Firstly, it is useful to see how what the weekly usage of oil is, and compare it with outside temperatures.  As I have photovoltaic panels I am now able to channel any spare electricity to an immersion heater in the thermal store and turn the oil boiler off. It will be interesting for me to see what savings I manage to achieve.”

If you have any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 765888.