Calling Daventry District citizens - we need your help

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Do you live in the Daventry District? If so, I wonder if you could help us. We are working with Citizens Advice Daventry and District (CADD) on a Big Lottery Reaching Communities bid. Over the last 18 months, CADD has seen an increasing number of clients with a range of mental health issues and disabilities. Some of those have been short term simple issues some more complex and time consuming. All the issues have been either debt or benefits related, even though this has not always been the presenting problem.

CADD and its Trustee Board have decided to apply to the Big Lottery Reaching Communities fund to support a project to provide a service to these individuals in both the town and the rural communities across the district. Northamptonshire ACRE, along with Rethink (the mental health carers group) and MIND, is working with CADD on this potential project.

To convince the Big Lottery of the benefit of the project, CADD needs evidence that the services they are looking to provide are actually needed by people across the district. If you are someone living in the Daventry District who may have a disability and/or a mental health problem, or you are a carer for someone who has disability and/or a mental health problem and would like to make your views known, we would be grateful if you could complet a short survey.

The link to the survey is here. Many thanks for your help.