Frequently Asked Questions

What is affordable housing?

Affordable homes are a way of helping people who cannot afford to buy or rent housing on the open market. Affordable housing is usually provided by a Housing Association and can be available for rent, or part bought through schemes such as New Build Homebuy (previously known as shared ownership). This scheme allows people to get a mortgage on a percentage of their home and then pay rent on the remaining share.

What is a Housing Association?

This is an independent, not for profit organisation that builds and manages homes and regulated by the government. They work alongside District Councils and other partners to house people who cannot access housing on the open market.

What makes them affordable? 

The houses are affordable because the government have set limits on the amount of rent a housing association can charge. The rents are usually between £60-80 per week depending on the size of the property.

Can anyone apply for an affordable home?

Affordable homes located in villages are designed to meet the housing need of local people. For these schemes you will be asked if you have a local connection to the village.

For example, if you currently live within the village, or have previously. If you are working within the village, or if you have a strong family connection to the village.

To be eligible for properties in the first instance you must register with your local District Council, you may also want to do the same with a Housing Association.

What is a Housing Needs Survey?

A housing needs survey is sent to every household in the village and covers two main areas:

  • 1. Local residents views on affordable housing in their village.
  • 2. Whether local people have a current, or future need for affordable housing.

The results of the survey show the level of need and the type of houses required, and plays an essential role in getting planning permission.

What will the affordable homes look like?

All affordable homes are built to the exact same standards as market housing. The houses will be designed to fit in with the existing dwellings in the village.

Next steps?

If you would like any further information on affordable housing, or would like to begin the process please leave a comment below for our Rural Officer, Elaine O’Leary who can provide you with free, independent advice or email

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