Current Neighbourhood Plans

South Northants District:

Yardley Gobion Neighbourhood Plan

YourYardleysml3With the aid of Northamptonshire ACRE, Yardley Gobion Parish Council commissioned a Parish Plan in July 2010. After their first major community engagement exercise, but before the neighbourhood survey was due to take place, Yardley Gobion, in partnership with South Northamptonshire Council was awarded Frontrunner status to develop a Neighbourhood Plan as part of the Government’s Localism Agenda. A copy of their draft plan can be viewed here. More information about the plan, its subject areas, questionnaire results and latest status can be accessed on the Your Yardley website.

Middleton Cheney Neighbourhood Plan

Middleton Cheney fieldMiddleton Cheney Parish Council has applied to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area as the first step of their Neighbourhood Plan process. Full details of their working groups, meetings, documents and latest news can be found on the Middleton Cheney Neighbourhood Plan website.

Borough of Wellingborough:

Earls Barton Neighbourhood Plan

earls barton village signEarls Barton is a parish in the Wellingborough district. The results of Earls Barton’s Neighbourhood Plan consultation, which took place in October 2013, can be viewed here. In total 431 completed forms were returned with 87.7% stating they support the Neighbourhood Plan, 9.05% against it, 0.93% have no view and 2.32% chose not to express a preference. In addition to the returned forms,  4 letters expressing views, where received. To read more about the plan, surveys and latest news, go to the Earls Barton Neighbourhood Plan website.

Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan

The vision statement for this plan says: ‘The Parish of Irchester must maintain its  Irchester neighbourhood plan logocharacter as a rural and vibrant community.  It must continue to have a close relationship with its surrounding countryside,  It must remain attractive to visitors and residents.  Irchester, Little Irchester and Knuston must each have .their own identity and provide community cohesion for all their inhabitants for current and future generations”.  A series of community events are being held during April to allow companies and organisations to showcase their work and allow the Steering Group a chance to engage and gather information to help with the preparing of the Neighbourhood Plan. More information on their website.

Wollaston Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

WollaWollaston neighbourhood plan logoston’s NP started approximately 2 years ago and they have recently carried out a consultation with residents.  The next step is to consider the various options based on the results of the consultation and they will then prepare a draft Neighbourhood Plan, which will be the subject of public consultation, probably next Spring (2014).

Northampton Borough:

Duston Parish Neighbourhood PlanDuston village sign

On 11 September 2013, Northampton Borough Council’s Cabinet approved Duston Parish Council’s application requesting the designation of Duston Civil Parish as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.  A map of the designated area and their consultation documents can be viewed here.

Blackthorn, Goldings, Lings & Lumbertubs Neighbourhood Plan

“Growing Together” is the name of the Neighbourhood Forum for Blackthorn, Golding, Lings and Lumbertubs.  At present, the project is being led by a local charity – Blackthorn Good Neighbours. In May 2013, “Growing Together” applied to become a Neighbourhood Forum, and applied to designate the four estates of Blackthorn, Goldings, Lings and Lumbertubs as a Neighbourhood Area. On 11 September 2013, Northampton Borough Council’s Cabinet designated Growing Together as a Neighbourhood Forum, and the estates of Blackthorn, Goldings, Lings and Lumbertubs as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. A map of the designated area, constitution and application can be viewed here.

Spring Boroughs Neighbourhood Plan

Spring Boroughs is located between Northampton town centre and the rail station. The Central Area Action Plan (CAAP) identifies Spring Boroughs as a location for regeneration. Spring Boroughs was selected as a national ‘Front-Runner’ Neighbourhood Plan in 2012. On 8th May 2012 Spring Boroughs applied to be designated a Neighbourhood Area. The Neighbourhood Area application was re-published in August 2013 for consultation to find out if the proposed area was still relevant, and to allow additional comments to be made. The forum consultation has just closed and details of the consultation documents and other items can be viewed here.

Wootton and East Hunsbury Neighbourhood Plan

wootton and east hunsbury logoWootton and East Hunsbury is a large parish on the southern boundary of Northampton and was first formed in the early 20th century, administering the village of Wootton and surrounding rural area. The Plan is being produced by Wootton and East Hunsbury’s Parish Councillors with the support of local volunteers and is in its early stages, with the governance arrangements currently being reviewed.


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