Good Neighbour Schemes

aviva-community-fund-banner-600x160Living in a village can be great but for some older residents it can be a lonely place. Good Neighbour Schemes are owned, shaped and run by local people coming together to help their neighbours be less isolated and lonely. They benefit everyone and we know they work.

good-neighbour-logoGood Neighbour Schemes are about local volunteers providing day to day support to other residents who may need help on an occasional or regular basis. The schemes bring together informal care that so often already goes on in villages and bridges gaps in services for vulnerable individuals with non-critical needs, to ensure they don’t become critical. Although the whole community can benefit from the scheme, they are primarily aimed at helping elderly, vulnerable and isolated people in their village. The schemes help with low level activities such as:

  • befriending/companionship
  • dog walking/caring for pets
  • shopping
  • reading or using computers
  • gardening
  • lifts for medical purposes or to attend day centres
  • general household tasks such as changing light bulbs or putting up smoke alarms
  • and much more.

Some schemes signpost people to other services if needed such as professional or voluntary organisations, or statutory agencies such as Adult Care. They can also identify gaps in services and activities, helping to set up new ones in their area. Each scheme is unique and offers as much or as little as the volunteers involved want to provide. You can watch a short Youtube video that gives more information about the schemes here.

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