Groundwork Northamptonshire – the charity with the green heart

Northamptonshire ACRE welcomes Groundwork Northamptonshire to the Hunsbury Hill Centre. We are pleased to be working in partnership with them on a range of projects.

Groundwork UK is the community charity with the green heart, which works in partnership with people and organisations to empower and enhance communities in areas facing rapid urban growth. They aim to help people reach their potential and create better places to live with a greener future by developing thousands of practical, locally led projects.Find out why they call themselves the charity with the green heart:

Groundwork Northamptonshire

Groundwork Northamptonshire was established in June 2005, initially to work across Corby, Kettering and East Northants but they now cover the whole county, although still in greenpatchmostly urban and semi-urban communities. You may have heard of their Green Patch project in the heart of the Grange and Avondale ward in Kettering, where volunteers of all ages and abilities are organically growing vegetables for the community as well as being able to meet up and have a cup of tea.

Building on the Green Patch model, their ‘Left Over Spaces’ project helps communities take over pieces of land that are of low community value and turn them in to community gardens, pocket parks or play areas (based on local needs), while they also run Forest Schools, environmental games and fun outdoor activities linked to the National Curriculum for schoolchildren. At our recent Best Village Competition, Alison Phillips, Project Officer (Environment) gave a short presentation about the various projects that Groundwork Northamptonshire is currently involved with. You can download the slides here.

If you are interested in discussing possible projects with Groundwork, you can contact Alison on 07912 274 633, or Kate Williams, Programme Manager on 07738070681,

Partnership projects at the Hunsbury Hill Centre

We are currently developing a number of projects with Groundwork for the woods and grounds at the Hunsbury Hill Centre, including a Forest School, wildlife garden and restoration of Mrs Burman’s cottage garden . The aim is to provide areas that local schools and communities will be able to access and engage with, learn about their environment and growing things while having fun. 

Watch this space for more information. 

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