Calor FREE Project

Calor FREE (Future of Rural Energy England) is a rural energy advisorship programme, aimed purely at off-grid communities across England. The programme aims to bring practical, independent advice and information to residents regarding fuel choices, energy efficient technologies and carbon reduction measures. It will help individual households to focus on reducing their energy consumption and fuel costs, and also encourage local communities to work together to promote best-practice in energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

The idea is to recruit local volunteers as Energy Advisors who will conduct an audit on households to monitor their energy efficiency and fuel consumption. They will produce a report for the householder, making recommendations of improvements that could be made and where money could be saved.

If you are interested in geting involved in this project, please call Will Dallimore on 01604 765888 or email for more information.

ACRE’s new energy efficient resource for rural communities

National ACRE in partnership with National Energy Action (NEA) has produced an Energy Efficiency Topic Sheet as part of the Calor FREE programme. Communities are welcome to use the new Topic Sheet as part of producing a Community Led Plan. You can also use it to explore developing an Energy Champion initiative as an action in your area. An Energy Champion is a community volunteer with the knowledge and skills to help others in the community address energy issues and improve energy efficiency of their homes. You can download the Renewable Energy topic sheet here.

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