Community Speed Watch 2011

Community Speedwatch will cease to exist as of the 1st April 2011

It is with regret that the Casualty Reduction Partnership will cease to exist on 1st April 2011, as the Specific Grant funding comes to an end.

Funding for a range of road safety initiatives, including Community Speed Watch, has been provided during the life of this partnership. However, with the discontinuation of Specific Grant funding and the dissolution of the partnership, there is no opportunity to maintain such support; namely the implementation of the Data Sites, Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS), Speed Indication Devices (SID) and the administration required to generate the warning letters to speeding motorists that you have identified.

The scheme has grown from only a few pilot villages in 2003, to today where there are in excess of 60 villages involved, with a volunteer force of approximately 700 people. These volunteers have participated in generating an average of 6000 warning letters per year to speeding motorists.

The continued effort and enthusiasm from the volunteers has contributed hugely to the success of the scheme without which the project would not have grown to ‘Beacon status’, nor would it have received the numerous enquiries for help from other similar organisations across the country seeking guidance.

There are no plans at present to consider a revival of the scheme. CSW Coordinators are urged to continue to use the village parish boards, issued for display throughout their villages. If residents have any concerns regarding speeding issues, please make them known to your local Safer Community Team and Parish Council.

The Community Speed Watch Team; Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire ACRE and Northamptonshire County Council would like to say a big thank you for all the support given from CSW volunteers.

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