Climate Change

 Action for Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have worked collaboratively to produce a new guide for local parish and town councils entitled: Adapting to climate change; a guide for local councils.

 The Earth’s climate is changing. Climate change constitutes one of the greatest social, environmental and economic threats to society.  Issues such as health, housing, transport, waste, food production and equality are completely linked with environmental conditions. We need to understand how our climate might change so that we can prepare. The impacts of climate change, including flooding and drought, will vary from place to place meaning that action at local and regional level is vitally important to help reduce future risk.

 This guide is designed for parish and town councils and community groups to promote ways in which they can source information, ideas and support on local initiatives which will help them address the likely impacts of climate change.

Included in the guide are tips for local councils that can stimulate local thinking on how their own community may be affected.  A series of practical solutions are outlined in the form of case studies of community led projects that have already taken place across England.

 Sylvia Brown, Chief Executive of ACRE said, “We would like all local communities and parish and town councils to explore and understand the likely future for their own community and recognise the risks and opportunities that are presented by climate change.  We believe that local communities are in a position to make a real difference by responding with initiatives that local people and local groups can implement themselves. 

“To achieve this, we encourage communities to develop a Community Led Plan (CLP), help create a vision for their community. CLP’s provide communities with a chance to reflect on and contribute to sustainable living and also, have in place, plans to meet the needs of climate change. 

  “Through the case studies, the guide shows how a range of positive outcomes can result from such practical action, helping communities to become more vibrant and self reliant.  Many of these actions have also strengthened the relationship between communities and local authorities and other statutory agencies on emergency planning, to the benefit of both. 

  “As we have seen from recent period of severe weather, having a good understanding of our climate, both now and in the future, is the key to the development of more resilient communities.”

 A copy of the guide can be found here.

Attached in a PDF document is the Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy which Northamptonshire ACRE endorses. The Strategy seeks to address climate change and mitigate its effects. Northamptonshire ACRE are one of a number of partners that include statutory and non-statutory organisations working together to implement the action plan through the Northamptonshire Climate Change Officers Group (NCCOG).

To view the attachment please click here.

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