The Switchover Help Scheme in Northamptonshire

Help is at hand to switch to digital TV
In 2011 the traditional TV signal was switched off in the Central region and replaced with a digital TV signal.

The Switchover Help Scheme was set up by the Government and is run by the BBC with the help of Northamptonshire ACRE to make digital TV easy for older and disabled people by converting one of their televisions to digital in the run-up to digital TV switchover in their region.

What does the Help Scheme do?
The Switchover Help Scheme aims to reach out to all eligible people, and ensure that those who need our help get it, so that no-one eligible need be left behind without access to television after switchover.

People are eligible for help if they are:
· aged 75 or over,
· have lived in a care home for six months or more,
· get or could get, disability living allowance,
· attendance or constant attendance allowance, or mobility supplement,
· Or if they are registered blind or partially sighted.

What’s next?
In the run-up to switchover, every eligible person receives a Switchover Help Scheme information pack explaining the options for switching to digital. Most people will be asked to contribute £40 towards the help. The service is free for people who are eligible and also get pension credit, income support, income-based jobseekers allowance or employment and support allowance.

The Switchover in Northamptonshire is now complete however if you do require further assistance please visit 

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