Market Towns

Market towns have long been at the heart of life in rural England. For centuries they have been the focus for commercial and social activity. In recent years many of these functions have been weakened by social, industrial and agricultural change.

Some market towns are adapting to these changing demand and thriving. Many, however, are continuing to decline and are clearly struggling. It is these towns that the Countryside Agency, in partnership with regional development agencies and others, aims to revitalise.

A Market Towns Toolkit has been developed to help people assess and improve the vitality of their town and surrounding countryside. The Toolkit contains:

  • A healthcheck to identify the town’s economic, social and environmental issues.
  • Guidance on producing an action plan to set out project and initiatives.
  • Regional support for co-ordinators and project managers to help communities through the healthcheck as well as advice on training and funding.

For further details, please contact one of Northamptonshire ACRE Rural Officer’s.

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