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Use it or Lose it!

The Village Shop and Pub is often the centre of life in any village. They provide essential services that are particularly valuable to the more vulnerable members of society. They are also an important focus to the community and their loss leads to a decline in community spirit and activity.

Many shop keepers and publicans enjoy their work and are dedicated to serving their community. However, many struggle with the many challenges running a business like this presents from isolation, powerful competition, long hours to lack of experience, finance and support. These problems have lead to a decline in services in rural areas.

Role of Northamptonshire ACRE

Northamptonshire ACRE champions village shops, and increasingly pubs in the county, through a variety of ways.

  • Lobby and advise District and County Councils about Rural Retailing.
  • Provide general advice and information to village shops.
  • Member of the Rural Shops Alliance (RSA) on behalf of all retailers in Northamptonshire.
  • Signposting enquiries from retailers to the relevant organisation.
  • Provide advice and support to shops applying for grants.

For further information contact Tel.  01604 825890

The Local Brief

The Local Brief is Northamptonshire ACRE’s quarterly newsletter aimed at all rural shops and post offices in Northamptonshire. It is sent on a quarterly basis to those proprietors who wish to receive it along with the Rural Retailer,  a magazine published by the Rural Shops Alliance

We are always looking to improve the Local Brief and want to make sure it is providing you with the information you need to carry out your business. So if there is anything you would like more information on or have any ideas for future content please let us know.  And if you are a rural shop within Northamptonshire but are not currently receiving the Local Brief or Rural Retailer but would like do so, please get in touch on 01604 765888 or email to be put on our mailing list.

Please click the links below to view the most recent Local Brief Newsletter’s.

Local Brief May 2012

Local Brief January 2012

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